Best ice cream for the summer?

We know it's summer when you can see the heat waves and feel the burn of the sun so you know what that's time for ice cream!!

Ice cream is a well renowned cold dessert and of course,
our customers know we do it best but what are our highest
recommendations for flavours?

Here is a list of summer sorbets and ice creams we know you'll love:

Strawberry Sorbet:

Strawberry picking in the summer is so much fun and we wanted to capture
the essence of fresh, juicy, tangy, sweet strawberries with this sorbet!
The shimmering ruby colour is just as bright as the flavour.


Feijoa Sorbet:

If you haven't tried out Feijoa Sorbet you are missing out! Even if you don't
like the fruit or haven't heard of it, this sorbet is just bursting with sweet,
aromatic flavour. It's soft and creamy, but light and fresh which is exactly
what you'd want on a hot day at the beach.


Mango Sorbet:

This sorbet is a long time classic and is in fact the first sorbet to ever be
made at Kohu Road (for old time customers, remember the tiffany blue punnett?).
Made with 50% juicy, luscious mango with a smooth, rich texture
to die for, mango sorbet is a vibrant addition to our summer flavours.


Vegan Strawberry Coconut Ice Cream:

Now we can't just have sorbets so we thought we'd add a vegan ice cream
to the list! Our Vegan Strawberry ice cream uses sweet, whole strawberries
mixed with coconut cream to create a luxuriously creamy dessert. Honestly,
you would not think this flavour was vegan, it's just that good!


Blackcurrant Sorbet:

The gush of vibrant, rich, dark berry flavour with that nice bit of zing is what
makes blackcurrant a unique flavour. As well as its light and soft texture, it
can also make an amazing cocktail! Just add some fizz and stir a scoop of
our sorbet and you've got a tangy, delicious, cooling, cassis drink.


Okay that is our list for now!

All of the mentioned flavours are gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan friendly so feel free to share and try out the flavours you haven't had before!

There's nothing like a cold treat to soothe those hot summer days and here at Kohu Road, we want to hand-make the most delicious products for our beloved customers.

Always made with love,

The Kohu Road Team.

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