Introducing our NEW Vegan Range!

So what can you expect from the upgraded range?

Our NEW Vegan Coconut range, is now completely egg free, giving vegan lovers a new experience and a healthier option. Our improved recipe is smoother, creamier, silkier than ever before. The flavours are bursting with gorgeous, strong, real, honest, satisfying flavours that make you smile, laugh, love, and most of all feel alive.

We believe that great ice cream begins with all-natural and fresh ingredients and we ensure that each tub has a minimal list of real ingredients free from nasty chemicals.

Vegan Strawberry Coconut Ice Cream

Our Strawberry Coconut Ice Cream has won gold and "Best in Dairy-Free Category", so someone thought it was pretty good already, we weren't sitting on our laurels though. With all that creamy coconut it's still pretty in pink and there's no bugs giving it colour, what it does have is an incredibly, almost impossible, summery taste. You can taste all that fruit, and with it already proudly the smoothest, creamiest, fruitiest we could make it.

Vegan Vanilla Coconut Ice Cream

The vanilla is more vanillery, less coconutty, easier to scoop and ready to take its rightful place in your freezer, as your go-to dessert that everyone, and we mean everyone, will love. There is something magical here, waiting for you to discover.

Vegan Double Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream

It's more chocolatey, has simply been paired with our own, handmade chocolate topping. It's just that the topping is mixed all the way through. So chocolatey chocolate vegan ice cream and chocolatey, chocolate sauce, rippled through that ice cream till hey presto! Double Chocolate. 

Vegan Green Tea Coconut Ice Cream

Green Tea. While in Japan you can get a green tea version of pretty much anything edible, New Zealand is still happy just knowing about the antioxidants. Green Tea is tremendously refreshing, will perk you up with that caffeine, and yes, it should be mentioned, it tastes amazing. The "Zen" balance of sweetness and bitterness is a joy to behold, and when we find balance, we find serenity and harmony... could be good right about now.

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