Where to Buy Kohu Road Drinking Chocolate

Where to buy Kohu Road Drinking Chocolate

The deep, chocolatey richness of a hot chocolate elicits the familiar feeling of nostalgia and comfort; there’s nothing quite like curling up in a blanket with a hot mug warming your hands in the winter. We want to make Kohu Road’s Drinking Chocolate New Zealand’s new luxury classic with its smooth consistency, delectable taste and customizability. It is gluten-free, additive-free and dairy-free, only needing to be mixed with hot water to enjoy. Alternatively, you can use oat milk, soy milk or even blend it into a mochaccino, and the rich chocolate flavour will be just as artisanally authentic.

Some of our Kohu Road Drinking Chocoholics have also enjoyed using our product to create chocolate moose, chocolate sauce and simply using it as chocolate powder. Hand-blended locally in Auckland, its lavish taste is created by fat-reduced and dark cocoa powder, respectively, sourced from West African Cocoa Beans. 

The secret behind our artisan touch is the use of salt and cocoa mass. Adding salt allows for the flawless balance of sweetness and full chocolate taste, creating a new level of deliciousness to every glass. Furthermore, with the addition of cocoa mass, it enhances and rounds the full-bodied depth of flavour and richness unavailable in other hot chocolates until now. We have undoubtedly added value to the sustainable development of hot chocolate by making it vegan; people with celiac, lactose intolerance or any other specified diets can consume our product to have higher availability for you and everyone to enjoy!

Kohu Road’s Drinking Chocolate comes in an easy to open bag, a rippable tag on both sides and a tight seal, as well as a sleek shape that can slip into any cupboard. With our current line of frozen commodities, we are sure your expectations for delivery will be high, but we have complete confidence that this product will keep you wanting more.

Available at all Farro Fresh Stores, Factory Shop and on our online store



We are currently running tastings at Farro Fresh Stores so come in and have a taste of our deeply chocolatey, mouth watering, comforting Kohu Road Drinking Chocolate and we’ll convince you this is the mix to buy!

Farro Fresh Lunn Avenue
Saturday 17th of July (11-2pm)

Farro Fresh Mairangi Bay
Saturday 24th of July (11-2pm)

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